Sun, Moon and Stars

Closeup of the moon in Arizona
Closeup of the sun in Death Valley, California
Closeup of the Moon in Arizona
Moon over Four Peaks in Arizona
Clouds over the moon
Sun over Superstitions in Arizona
Solar Eclipse starting with totality and continuing with diminishing alignment of sun and moon, in Idaho
Sun over Santa Catalina Mountains in Tucson
Bird on a saguaro cactus during sunset in Superstitions in Arizona
Total Solar Eclipse of 2018 in Idaho
Moon behind mountain silhouettes in Sedona, Arizona
Solar Eclipse during the 2 minutes of total eclipse, in Idaho
Sunset at Mexican Hat in Utah
Moon and clouds in Arizona
Star Trails at Balanced Rock in Utah
Moon above Delicate Arch in Utah
Star Trails over Sedona in Arizona
Balanced Rock at sunrise in Utah
Sunrise at Superstition Mountain in Arizona

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