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    Dear Robert

    - funny/nice emails/etc from others.... not necessarily addressed to me
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    1. Mr Right (2001)

    2. The first phonecall (2001)

    3. Michael (2001)
    4. Take the time (2001)

    4. Mountainspiritz (2003)

    5. Cats (2004)


    Mr Right

    Some said it couldn't be done...but I found the most wonderful man on

    I struck gold! He is attentive, handsome, honest, funny. And he wears
    Kenneth Cole shoes!

    But that's not what makes him so unique. I think I found the one man who
    encompasses everything I have been looking for: He is mature, professional and responsible with a childlike view on life. He loves life, and it shows in everything he does. And it's contagious! I love the way he looks at things with the glass always half full, instead of half empty. And the small
    things he does for me (that he doesn't think I notice) actually mean the
    world to me:

    Like holding my hand in public...making sure I get the plate back that fell off my car...adding spontanaity to our relationship with trips and fun adventures...taking me for my first ride on a Ducati, careful not to take the corners too close...driving me to Tucson and back (during a Steeler's game nonetheless!) when I ripped my contact and didn't have one to spare...making me laugh so much that it's sometimes hard to remember bad exists in the world when I'm with him.

    The list is endless. He is truly one in a million.

    ......and I am falling helplessly in love with him.

    I hope this gives other MM members hope that they, too, will meet someone who fills them with as much happiness and pride as my "Mr. Fun" has for me. If you do find that special someone, treasure that person and make him/her feel like the most special being alive. I know that's what I plan to do.



    The first phonecall

    Ok here's an exercise for your imagination....


    Dial. Ring. Hello....

    Hello...Yes, I'm glad you called here's my list of 2001 intrusive questions that you won't want to answer. I have created this list in order for me to discern if you are a worthwhile human being....can you please answer them succinctly and in consecutive order so I can then judge if you are willing to succumb to my every whim and validate my existence while I belittle you, or whether I am wasting my time talking to you.

    Question 1: Do you have the same beliefs in God that I have or are you going to hell?

    Question 2: What is the worst thing you have ever done in your life?
    ....pause for first 5 seconds of the response...What you are a terrible horrible person and have deeply offended me!

    Question 3: Are you open minded? ....pause for response...Good then you won't mind if I ..... (fill in here with something horrible)

    Question 4: Do you have the same politic views as I do or are you some sort of damned bleeding heart?

    Question 5: How many taxidermy animals do you have in your house?

    Question 6: Did you finish all the way thru high school?

    Question 7: We was going ta call ya but ya have went and done it first. Is ya always so anti-traditional?

    Question 8: How you feel about small animals?

    Question 9: Can you lend me $5000? I'll pay you back as soon as I get out of jail.

    Question 10: I used to chew but I give it up when I started taking crank. What drugs are you into?

    Question 11: Why did you close your blinds 15 minutes earlier than usual last Tuesday?

    Question 12: My family is so rude, they made me plan our family vacation last summer and they wouldn't even rent the whole island, so we had to share the island with a group of "common" people. Can you belive that! So, where did your family go for your vacation?

    Question 13: What is your blood type?

    Question 14: I can feel you now, Can you feel me?

    Question 15: I was thinking that we could live in that old orange house across the street from my parents so they could babysit on Friday nights while we have polka dancing, then on Tuesday of course you would have to go visit my aunt Cherrie in the home, and for Thanksgiving you can make the cranberries, and I thought the first born should be a boy
    we can call him "Hank", and for our 25 anniversary we could take a big trip or something maybe we could go to (name of adjacent town), and then of course I have my annual really fun trip that you aren't invited to go, so how's that sound, Tina, aaah, er Terrie, hummm, what was your name again?

    - XYZ




    I met him at Mickey's Hangover believe it or not. I
    was there for happy hour with my sister and her
    co-workers. There usually aren't many people there in
    the evening and I definitely didn't think I would be
    meeting anyone. We saw each other and it was like
    magic. I can't even begin to explain it. I am going to
    Chicago to see him for Christmas and New Years.

    Why can't love be easy? Maybe because then it wouldn't
    be so special...? Who knows, all I know is that I am
    all scarred by my past and I don't think I can handle
    it again. It took me over two years to heal from a
    failed marriage and relationship (after the divorce).
    At least these last two years I was smart enough to
    know I wasn't ready. Now I am, I just hope my heart is
    right with how I feel for Michael. It's so strange how
    you can be so far from love for so long, then suddenly
    it's all around you.

    - Stephanie



    Take the time

    Too many times we overlook,
    the gifts that we receive,
    Friendship is a gift of God,
    in this I do believe

    Sometimes we think of friends
    as someone we see each day
    But friends should be everyone
    we meet along life's way

    This man seen here inspired me
    and probably don't know why
    To himself he probably thinks,
    "I'm just a normal guy"

    But normal doesn't touch
    The description of this man
    He is a gift of strength and hope
    to every woman and man

    - XYZ


    Where there is faith in God, there is hope.
    Where there is hope, there is peace.
    Where there is peace, there is FREEDOM.



    I am an adventurous, fun, spontaneous, life-loving woman who isn't afraid to take risks. I am committed to full humanbeingship (haha is that a word? It is now...). I am in love with life! I love people and making connections. I enjoy the simple things in life - a flower blooming between the cracks in the sidewalk, sharing a bottle of wine on top of a big rock (that we just climbed!), taking a bath together, dancing on the roof, ... :) I want someone who is excited about life, confident in themselves, and willing to grow together. You should know right away that I drink lots of coffee, good red wine and a cold microbrew after an outdoor playday. I am simply, complex... I drive a fancy car, yet love to camp. I love to get dressed up and go out, yet wake up Sunday morning in sweats and a baseball hat and watch Harry Potter. I am sometimes crazy and wild, yet totally faithful and honest. And... I can fully laugh at myself!

    Some of my favorite things to do are: travel spontaneously , spend time with my daughter (she's the first love of my life!), laugh, sit around with my girlfriends (oh yeah, you have to be okay with the fact that I am independent and have girlz nights out), go out for a glass of wine, and... my favorite holiday is Halloween. :) Additionally, exercise is very important to me. I have recently gotten back into rock climbing after a year off (let's go!). I want to sea kayak and scuba dive! (Haven't tried diving yet!) I have climbed volcanoes in Mexico, bicycled New Zealand, Hawaii and Baja, taught deaf kids in Nepal, and climbed in Greece. Perhaps I have a little more life experience than your average 32 year-old. I have also done a lot of life "work" and continue to do so. I take full responsibility for my life, I want to be the best person, friend and mother I possibly can. I am trying to free myself of judgement and expectations, and I want to love and live fully.

    I like men that are psyched on life, secure in themselves, are interested in walking hand in hand, love to travel, spontaneous (let's fly to Mexico for the weekend, go to Africa, jump out of a plane together) and fun! You don't have to be a rock climber or adrenaline junkie, but I am turned on by handsome, secure men... (who are kids at heart).... :) I am not looking for someone to "take care of me". I don't want to be anyone's "trophy", nor do I want to be objectified. I want someone who is into adventure!!! I want someone who has time, and wants to share it ~ living life to its fullest. You should be relatively fit and into exercise... and not afraid to work on your "stuff". I am looking for someone to grow old (gracefully;) with, so if you are a womanizer ~ be on your merry way. I love kids and want someone who does as well! Above all, I want someone who "wears" their love for me, is absolutely genuine, and loves their family. In short, I want "one of the good guys" - are you out there? Photo replies only please. :)

    - Mountainspiritz




    An amazing case took place in the United States in 1949. Charles Smith and his wife and family moved from St. Petersburg, Florida, to San Gabriel, California - over 2,500 miles away. They left behind their aging cat, Tom, in the care of neighbor who was pleased to adopt the animal. Not long after the Smiths moved, the neighbor called to tell the Smiths that Tom had disappeared. Though he had hunted high and low, Tom was nowhere to be found. In August of 1951, the Smiths could not believe their eyes when a badly torn and worn cat arrived in their front yard and meowed at the front door. "They knew it looked like Tom, but they absolutely could not believe it could be the cat they'd left behind two years and 2,500 miles ago," Mrs. Smith knew one way to prove if it was the same cat. Tom had been raised on baby food and had a special fondness for pablum - something not found in the ordinary cat diet. She rushed to the store and bought several jars. She put the pablum in a dish next to several other kinds of food. She watched in amazement as Tom chose the pablum over any other food.

    Still another mysterious power attributed to cats is the ability to see human auras - the energy field many psychics believe surrounds the body. And cats may also see the specter of death. In 1974, a woman reported that when her husband was ill, "our cat never left his side. But one day, she leapt from the bed with her hair standing on end. She lashed in the air with her naked claws as if fighting off an invisible intruder. In horror, I turned to my husband. I was just in time to take him in my arms as he died.


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